20 Tips for a Happy Healthy New Year

December 26, 2017

With each new year comes a refresh, a chance to begin again, to make this year an even better one than the last!  The secret to a better year lies within your body and mind.  The best part of all?  You already have everything you need for starting the year off right!

Sure, you could wait until January to get this new year going….or you could start your happy healthy new year today.  Any day is a great day to work on bettering yourself. It doesn’t have to be a new year’s resolution starting on January 1st!

As a company that creates overall health and energy boosters, body and mind are our main focus.  This is a collection of tips you can work on now.  Reading and thinking about each tip isn’t enough, act on these and you’ll grow as a person whose happiness will be truly contagious.

It’s important to take on just one or two simple tips at a time.  Try too much at once and you likely won’t make the change permanent.  Work for a while until you are happy with the results and it’s become routine, then move onto more.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Go through these tips with an open mind!  It’s easy to think we are all perfectly happy and healthy and have nothing to learn.  There is always room to grow in our lives and no one is perfect, life would be boring if that were true.

Without further ado, here are some New Year’s Resolution Ideas that are designed for a healthier body and stronger mind for any time of year.



1. Get outside.
Even if it’s just for a few minutes twice a day. Going outside makes us feel alive. The sunlight is a great emotional boost. Even if it’s cold out and wintry, getting outside will give you something to enjoy and talk about. It’s rare that sitting in a comfortable home gives us something exciting to tell people about…. Those who make history go outside, and it’s FREE.
2. Work on cold training.
You don’t have to be the Ice Man, Wim Hof. But cold showers and cold weather cause our minds to drop to a singular focus of warmth. By flushing all the thoughts that build throughout the day, we can reach a deep level of thinking necessary to make real revelations and changes in ourselves.
3. Drink PepPod to get through the toughest parts of the day.
This will help you keep your brain functioning at its peak. Your brain relies on nutrients to stay sharp and focused, give it what it needs. It’s a healthy alternative that provides longer lasting results than coffee and energy drinks.
4. Practice mindfulness.
When we focus on the moment at hand and nothing else, we let go of all of our worries and stresses. Less stress makes us happier.


5. Get out with REAL people in the REAL world.
Social media and computers put us in a safe zone where we aren’t really experiencing life and people. Being around others makes us happier because we share experiences. Even just calling a friend out of the blue is a serious mood booster through REAL communication!


6. Your mind knows what it needs.
If you’re staying up all night in denial of exhaustion and working long hours, you’re harming your body and slowing your thought processes. More hours = more stress = less focus = tasks take longer. With enough sleep it’s been proven that we accomplish any task far quicker. Work less, sleep more, be happy. Listen to your inner voice when it tells you it’s time to sleep.
7. Let the little things go.
It’s all too often we get caught up in things that don’t matter. So someone cut you off in traffic…. laugh about it and how funny people can be. They actually thought they were saving time by being 40 feet ahead of where they were. That’s a funny thought, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone, it’s not a big deal!


8. Always strive to improve your diet for better brain function, focus, productivity, and overall happiness.
Dieting doesn’t have to be extreme.  That’s where most people fail, they take on too much at once.  Start with little changes, do you drink 3 sodas a day?  Drop to two, or replace two with half a PepPod each.  You’ll have more energy and it won’t be too difficult after enough time.  Just don’t stack other changes at the same time.  One change at a time and start small, little changes add up.


9. Move around more.
Movement keeps our minds fresh and focused by stimulating our thought processes. It also gives our mind a break from day to day life and lets us focus on bigger thoughts, or nothing at all!


10. Flip your perspective.
If you don’t understand why someone is treating you a certain way it’s probably because you don’t understand them. Really seek understanding as to why people are acting a certain way and what their motives might be. Sometimes we have conflict simply because we can’t flip our perspectives. Bad conflicts make us unhappy.


1. Spend more time outside exercising (Notice the outdoors theme here?).
The internet and world is filled with advice to get a gym membership. These memberships are expensive and often go unused, because let’s face it, the standard gym isn’t super fun… You can go outside and take a walk, hike, or ride your bike. The most important part? Stick with this for 40 days, any less and habits aren’t fully formed.


2. If you’d prefer the regiment of a gym, then work with a personal trainer.
Or go the less traditional route and make your workout so fun that it’s not a workout. This is easy if you join a bouldering or climbing gym. Other great options are kickboxing and workout accountability groups with friends.
3. Move around more throughout the day.
Little adjustments like parking further from the door, or taking the stairs more often, add up. If you’re at work then it helps to set a timer to get up every 30 minutes or so and walk around for 5.
4. Nutrition is key.
Like we said in the MIND section, make small adjustments and you’ll be able to stick with them. Excess is the biggest problem. Do you consume too much sugar? Too much caffeine? Focus on small ways to reduce the amount and then reduce further once things become easy again. Drinking a PepPod will help keep your energy up so you’ll crave less sugar and won’t feel the need for overly caffeinated drinks.


5. Stretch.
Focusing on a regular routine can change everything. A sore back can go away with 15 minutes of stretching daily for a month or so. Don’t expect overnight results. If you think about it, it may have taken you 15 years for your back or legs to get so tight. Why would it all be healed in two sessions of 10 minutes? Again, start small so it’s easy to stick to the routine.


6. Comfort makes us weaker.
Get out of your comfort zone and you’ll have more exciting experiences that make you stronger and will stand out in your mind. Getting stuck in a comfort zone leads to a comfortable life which won’t be very exciting. Think of many of the people you look up to throughout your life that have accomplished great things. Were they comfortable when they did these, or did they push the limits?


7. Go further.
Do you already walk every day or ride your bike? Take it a bit further and break through that comfort zone. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome will not help you grow.


8. Improve your posture.
Slouching will make your back weaker and can cause issues over time. Do you sit at a desk all day? Get a standing desk and make sure you’re not just leaning on it when you work. Prop your computer up higher and tilt your car’s chair up straight.
9. Get a dog. This may be a reach but it has great health benefits for both body and mind.
Aside from the amazing companionship a dog provides, we need to walk them every day, regardless of how lazy we feel. It’s like an accountability buddy that lives with you, loves you unconditionally, and cheers you up when you’re stressed or down.


10. Use a health app or a Fitbit.
These basically turn exercise into a game or challenge to be completed every day. If you have your spouse or friend buy one as well (or gift them!) you can compete or work to reach the same goals. Many phones have free apps so you could start today.
These new year’s resolution ideas and tips can help you make the next year (regardless of what day you start) a happy healthy new year. What do you plan on doing this New Year to grow as a person? Please comment below, we’d love to hear!

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