How to Beat Jet Lag

January 30, 2018

You’ve just landed halfway around the world for the trip of a lifetime but are so jetlagged all you can think about is sleep… 

Jet lag is tough!  You don’t want to get to a destination only to be so exhausted that the whole first day is spent asleep.  But wait… you read this awesome article about jet lag and now you’ll know exactly how to avoid jet lag to Europe, italy, or even Japan with ease!  You’ll be snapping photos of all the sites in no time, and all because you took 5 minutes to read this article and picked up a couple PepPods to help you push through the toughest sleepy parts.

According to Merriam-Webster the definition of Jet Lag is: “extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across several time zones.”

 Sounds manageable but doesn’t really dive into the real meaning of jet lag.  The real meaning is more than just tiredness and basic effects.  For many people it means that when they got to their destination, the first full day and a half are dedicated to sleeping and missing out.  For others, it means that they return from a trip and need to get back to work, but can barely function the next 2-3 days.


The only tiredness most people can relate to that beats jet lag is the first month with a newborn child.  So the real meaning of jet lag is so much more than just being “tired”... 

When you are jetlagged, your internal clock becomes completely out of rhythm.  Our bodies are very accustomed to our daily lifestyle.  Our internal clocks tell us everything throughout the day and work in the background all the time.  It’s why we want to sleep at roughly the same time every night, and why getting up 1-2 hours earlier than normal can be so difficult.

Traveling across time zones causes this clock to be completely off.  In your mind it’s 11 PM and you’re exhausted, and yet the sun is still up and people are just getting ready for dinner.  That’s chaos!

So how do you prep for jet lag so you can beat it on your next trip?  Here’s a few tips that will make everything run smoother and help eliminate down time.

Best Ways to Beat Jet Lag

Get a great night’s sleep before you travel and pack in advance.

 Pack everything at least 2 days before you go.  Have it all organized and in one place.  The added stress of packing the night before or the last minute will wear you out for your flight.  Go to sleep early and relaxed and the next day will start nice and smoothly.

General rule of thumb… Sleep on the plane, unless you’re landing at bedtime in the new time zone.

It’s tough sleeping on a long flight, and if you’ve done it before, you’ll know the feeling when you wake up and realize you were only sleeping for 1 hour and there’s STILL 8 LEFT… But each one of those little hours of sleep will prep you for an easier landing and you’ll have much more energy on arrival.

Landing in the late evening at your new time zone?  Force yourself to stay up during the flight.

You’ll want to have a great night’s sleep right when you land, and if you sleep on the flight you won’t be tired.  Watch the in-flight movie or play with your laptop, and fight the exhaustion.  Take a PepPod during the flight and the small bit of caffeine will give you a quick boost that won’t fade thanks to all the nutrients and minerals each tablet contains.  These are engineered with all the important things your body needs to stay alert and awake.

Once you arrive there or back, force yourself to stay awake until at least 8pm.

Staying awake is a real challenge and you’re not going to love it.  But the process will be much quicker this way and you should be on your way to a great next day if you pull it  off. This is another great time to drink a PepPod to avoid the extreme tiredness without getting the caffeine jitters you’d get from coffee, soda, or other energy drinks.

Take a short nap the next day.

Keep this to 45 minutes or less.  Any longer and you’ll get into that deep sleep state that takes hours to recover.  This is all you’ll need to keep going strong for a full day!

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