Matt Hyder of Recoup Fitness fueled by PepPod

October 13, 2016

matt Changing the game of recovery… Matt Hyder is the 24-year-old founder of Recoup Fitness and creator of the Stinger. The Stinger is a revolutionary way for athletes to recover that combines ice and massage therapy into one reusable tool. robs-image-transparent-bkgd-png Recoup is recovering some of the top athletes in the world at the pro and college levels and loved by trainers who never have to freeze ice cups again. The Stinger stays ice cold up to six hours and allows you to get into even the trickiest to reach muscle groups making it great for everyday recovery as well as injury treatment. Recoup Fitness is a Denver-based startup that was born after Hyder got injured playing basketball and couldn’t find an adequate tool to get deep enough into the muscle to massage it out. After creating a prototype by hand, he quickly realized he had a product people could really use. Now, dozens of some of the top pro and college teams use the Stinger daily giving Recoup incredible product validation and credibility. Athletes can use the Stinger after any activity and can finally get professional recovery without the professional price tag. "I started my own company over a year and a half ago and as an entrepreneur, PepPod is great for the early mornings and long days in the office. Every day is crucial to growing my company so I can't afford to lose time being worn out. It helps keep me focused and energized without the jitters and crash of numerous cups of coffee." Check out Recoup today at RecoupFitness

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