Mixology 101: What’s your water-to-Pod ratio?

October 15, 2015

One of the great things about PepPod is that you call the shots. Not that we’re saying you should literally drink PepPod like a shot, but the choice is yours. You can drop your Pod into as much or as little water as you choose. Come to think of it, you may have another liquid pairing that’s a great fit for PepPod. Our own research shows the most common ratio is one Pod to 8oz of water. But that formula varies depending on who’s doing the mixing and when they’re doing it. We asked Jennifer Pearce, our CEO and a master PepPod mixologist, about her preferences. “Personally, I like to vary the water-to-Pod ratio,” she says. “For example, I prefer a more diluted solution when taking it on a hike or a bike ride. But when I’m going on a long run or I have to jump into an unexpected important meeting, I need it more concentrated. And if I’m just sipping it at my desk during the course of a normal workday, I like it with the standard 8oz of water or in a cup of tea.” Of course, that’s the beauty of PepPod. It’s all about how you choose to be at your best. With that in mind, what’s your optimal water-to-Pod ratio? We’d love to hear your answer (and any other PepPod idiosyncrasies you might have). Tell us what you think.

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