Stay Healthy While Traveling For The Best Holiday Season Ever

December 13, 2017

Let’s take a deep breath and jump back to our childhood, when the holidays meant presents, great food, family, and fun.  We LIVED for the holidays.  And a holiday vacation, that was a dream come true!

Somewhere along the course of our lives we start to let stress take over.  We go from, “I can’t wait for Mom to open the gift I made for her,” to “I’m not sure if I can handle the whole weekend with my family,” and, “I hope I don’t get catch something on the plane to see them…”

So how do we go back and re-capture the awesomeness that was our holiday season as kids?  Obviously we have more responsibility now…  But with some simple mindset changes and taking action to (ACHOOO!!) avoid airplane sicknesses, we can turn this season around!

This Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, (whichever holiday you celebrate) is different.  You are the one in control.  Stress is going to bow down to you and everything is going to be wonderful.


The whole month of December can go by in a second and suddenly you’re 5 pounds heavier  (Dealing with that cold gifted to you during your flight).  

Stick to your routine and it will keep you sane.  The endorphins will keep your attitude positive and you won’t need to buy any new clothing because of that extra inch of waistline.

Exercise is the first thing most of us drop when we have too much to do, but in fact it actually increases productivity and helps our immune systems.  Not getting sick and having a higher level of focus will make this holiday season  a breeze.


Often, the part we most dread is the flight to visit family and friends.  It’s tough to balance all the gifts we need to bring, clothes, skis, boards, etc… and make it through the craziness at the airport.

Let’s step back for a second and enter our childhood frame of mind.  Flying is fun.  You literally float through the clouds.  You get to see all kinds of people in chaos at the airport.  The trains and moving walkways are incredible.  And most likely, you didn’t get sick.  So why were you usually all well as a child?

Kids don’t have as much travel stress, and because of this, they maintain higher energy levels and stronger immune systems.  They are excited to be flying and for all the fun holiday activities.  Luckily, there’s a few ways you can still make this happen!

Drink a PepPod instead of soda or coffee.  There’s a lot more caffeine in coffee/sodas and the dreaded energy crash will wear you down.  With just the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and caffeine contained in a PepPod you can avoid the crash and stay strong and focused.  It’s a perfect immune booster for travel that will help you stay healthy and on top of things!

Strive for lower stress levels.  It will all be OK!  Worst case scenario, you miss your flight.  Yeah, it sucks.  But hey, you’re still alive and breathing and there’s always a way to fix this problem.  When you are traveling and start stressing (Oh no, I forgot Billy’s gift…)  think about this and find some comfort.  

Billy will be OK, he may be disappointed, but you’ll mail it later or pick a new one up at your destination and return the other when you’re home.  Life goes on, have fun with your travels!  After all, you’re floating through the clouds in a comfortable seat with WiFi and your own personal selection of entertainment.  Enjoy the flight and stay healthy while traveling!


Kids understand this, and you were once a kid too, so shouldn’t you?  We get caught up in all the things we don’t like about our families.  Maybe your Mom drives you nuts, maybe your Dad is going to give you a tough time about your career choice… This stuff doesn’t actually matter!

The love is what matters.  It’s there, real, and is what the holidays are all about. Try to be more open to your family and friends point of views and take criticism with a grain of salt.  Life is too short to get hung up on the little annoyances.

Get genuinely excited to see your family and your holidays will be the brightest in years.  Having a family that wants to celebrate with you is truly a blessing, keep this in mind and the holidays will go smoothly.


The flurry of activity is here to stay until at least January.  Sticking with a great routine of quiet and time for yourself will help you stay calm and appreciate your Holiday time even more.

Don’t meditate?  Maybe this is a great time to start.  It will help you relieve holiday anxiety that becomes built up day after day.  There’s lots of free apps for your phone that will guide you through meditation.  Meditating will lower your stress levels, and let you connect with yourself.  It’s a way to bring your subconscious mind to the surface and really put life into perspective.  

Just taking 10-15 minutes in the morning and evening can work wonders and make you appreciate the loved ones around you even more.


Now that you have some basis for bringing back the childlike wonder, remember that even if you get stressed out this year, catch a sickness on the plane, or lose your cool… It’s coming  again next year, and with the right mindset you’ll have an even better time.  

Nothing’s perfect, and there will be hiccups or issues that come up every year.  Step back, breathe, laugh, drink a PepPod (shameless brand plug) and enjoy the best season of the year!  

Knowing how to stay healthy and relieve holiday anxiety will help bring back your inner kid and give you over a month of happiness, at a time when most are stressed and riddled with anxiety.  Take the holidays back and re-ignite your inner child!

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