Tiffany, Stephanie, & Stacy Reviews: PepPod

February 13, 2018

"About them: Our goal with PepPod is simple: We want you to excel. Up to 75% of American adults are dehydrated, vitamin deficient, and generally exhausted. We developed PepPod to give your body the proper fuel for health and longevity, supporting you through both the sprint of the day and the marathon of life. Play harder, energize, and recover faster, all while building a healthy body and mind. Just drop, dissolve, drink, and feel great!

My husband works the night shift so his daily life schedule is never the same. Sometimes he doesn’t get home until five or six in the morning if he’s had to stay after the line stops to fix something. Which then means he will need to sleep in later so he gets at least six hours of sleep. Which also means less time being up before heading back to work. That also means there are days he just doesn’t have very much energy. One of the things we’ve recently given a shot at helping bump up his energy level on those short of sleep days is PepPod. PepPod is a flavored, quick-dissolving effervescent tablet that includes 100+ plant-based vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids often missing from our modern diets. Basically it’s like one of those tablets you use when your sick that dissolves in water, but to give you a bump of energy. The thing we like most is that it’s packed full of nutrients and not just way too much caffeine like most energy supplements...."

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