Hangover Prevention: Our Ranking of the Best Remedies for the Next Morning

November 06, 2017

We put our livers on the line, testing the Internet’s favorite hangover-prevention goodies so you can happily overindulge without needing to dry-hump a toilet bowl the next morning.

If you’re looking to prevent a bad case of veisalgia (the medical term, derived from the Norwegian word for “uneasiness following debauchery” and the Greek word for “pain”), just down a few of these babies before downing those shots.  Read the full article here


Cure #1: PepPod

Handcrafted right here in Boulder, these tabs promise better living through chemistry and deliver that energy-drink feeling without all the high-fructose corn syrup. And with its eco-friendly packaging, you can be nicer the environment while being still mean to your liver.

Special ingredients: Over 75 plant-based trace minerals, ass-loads of B vitamins, that warm and fuzzy “buy local” feeling.
Cost: $1 per pack.
Dosing: Dissolve one tab in four ounces of water before you rage. Their website even has cocktail recipes like the Podka and the Hot Poddy.
Tastes like: Lemonheads. And you’re only eating them because you’ve reached the end of your trick-or-treating stash.
Makes you feel like: Even your hangover-prevention cures can now be locally sourced. Suck it, hipsters!
Results: PepPod is our three favorite things: cheap, effective and everywhere in Colorado. It didn’t deliver that sugar and caffeine spike/crash cycle of other supplements, and it stopped the lambs from screaming the morning after our hard binge. To quote our favorite penis-shooting cyborg-cop movie from the ‘80s: “I’d buy that for a dollar.” A-.