PepPod Energy Tablets Announces U.S. Expansion

November 06, 2017

PepPod, the health and wellness side of plant-based energy and nutrition, has announced its expansion in the U.S. marketplace.

Based in Denver, Colo., PepPod is an effervescent tablet of nutrient-rich energy you drop into water for workouts, workdays and anything in between. The vitamin- and nutrient-rich tablet, or “pod,” provides key electrolytes your body needs to maintain and build hydration, but without all of the junk found in many energy drinks and supplements.

“We have a fresh, innovative and unique energy drink that is really more about your health than it is about jacking your body up with all those unhealthy ingredients,” PepPod CEO Jennifer Pearce said. “Our vitamin, mineral, electrolyte and amino acids were specifically chosen in form and quantity to replenish your body’s nutrient profile.

“As such, PepPod has many added benefits including improved focus, mental and physical stamina, sickness prevention, jetlag and hangover recovery.”

PepPod is rich in Vitamin B complex, vitamins C and D, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium — there are 75-plus trace minerals in all. The minerals are sourced from plants that have been perfectly preserved in a Utah mine for millions of years. All you have to do is drop a pod, which comes in berry and citrus flavors, in water or your drink of choice and go.

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