About Us

Welcome to PepPod!

Thank you for your tremendous support and coming on this journey with us.

We were tired of seeing unhealthy energy and sports drinks on the market. Why does it require tons of caffeine, sugar and artificial ingredients to energize and improve your performance? Well…after 4+ years of developing a better alternative, we can say with 100% confidence that it does not.

“I really feel like poisoning myself to feel energized”…. said no one ever

You already have the best energy machine at your fingertips. Mother nature miraculously created an engine that works better than anything else on the planet. It is your own body. All you need to do is supply it with what it needs to do its job.

Each day your body loses the nutrients it needs to do its job efficiently through not-so-great food choices, stress, lack of sleep, a lot of exercise or too little. Even when we choose the best organic and nutritious foods, the over-farming of our soil caused our food to no longer contain all the nutrients that were there prior. That is why we created PepPod. PepPod replenishes these nutrients through the right combination of 100 vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, amino acids and trace minerals. The results are boosted energy, deep hydration, improved mental focus, recovery from workouts, cures jet-lag and yes… even dreaded hangovers.

Toss out those energy and sports drinks, immunity boosters, multivitamins, jet-lag and hangover remedies in your pantry.
Let nature do its work and take a PepPod!

Jennifer Pearce, CEO
Born In Colorado
PepPod was brought to life in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado— a region renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit, pioneering work ethic, and passion for adventure. We like to think that the history of fearless exploration and innovation that lives in these mountains can be felt in every PepPod tablet.
Made In America
The desire to ensure that PepPod was made in America led us to a prehistoric plant deposit in Utah, an incredible, bountiful mineral source where we derive the 75 trace minerals integral to what gives our energy supplement a critical advantage, both over its competitors and in improving the lives of its consumers. Once we found the perfect balance of ingredients, we enlisted a world-class manufacturing facility in Minnesota to make the dream of healthy, sustainable, American-made energy a reality.

Sourced Globally
While many of our ingredients and all of our manufacturing are done at home, our enduring passion for the cleanest, most effective product has led us to the ends of the earth, utilizing top-tier ingredients from Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore, and the U.K.

Our passion for the highest quality energy and most comprehensive nutrition has made PepPod a nationally recognized name in the energy marketplace, and we’re just getting started. We’ve got all the energy we need to make our next chapter just as thrilling as the last.