Ian lives for the experience. He grew up in the Southeast staying active through team sports, but then something happened to him early in his 20's: he discovered backpacking, climbing, and developed an insatiable appetite for adventure. After college he spent 3 years working in Yosemite National Park where he spent all of his free time hiking, bouldering, climbing, slacklining, and big walling. Ian relocated to Boulder, Colorado, in 2012 to explore and be close to the amazing rocks of Eldorado Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park, Vedauwoo, Devil's Tower, and Indian Creek. He is obsessed with climbing every type of rock he can get his hands on. In the last 5 years Ian has climbed hundreds of routes in over a dozen states. Some of his favorite climbs are “The Nose” on El Capitan, The “RNWF” of Half Dome, “Moonlight Buttress” in Zion National Park, “D7” on Long's Peak Diamond, and “Epinephrine” at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Ian is enamored with climbing because of the different areas it takes him and the awesome people he meets along the way. Ian always keeps a handful of Pods in his backpack at all times and always tells us about how much he loves how lightweight, effective and simple they are.

"PepPod gives me the boost to ascend with out the shaky jitters, and they taste great! "