PepPod is literally the most sought after commodity at our Brewery. Why? Because it works!
-James A., Brewer, CO

PepPod gets me through the fog and fires me up without the crash like (energy drink).
- John L., Restaurant Manager, CO

I tried PepPod a few weeks ago after a morning of skiing before driving back down to Boulder for a shift at The Bitter Bar and I was hooked! This stuff is amazing, I use it all the time now and definitely see what my staff has been so pumped up about! It’s become our pre-shift routine at The Bitter Bar.
-James L., Restaurant Owner, CO

PepPod helps me keep my team happier and energized supporting a consistent and positive guest experience. The difference is especially clear during a long and busy shift when there’s no crash like other energy drinks.
-Collin T., Hotel Manager, CO

Restaurant work can be exhausting and PepPod gives me what I need to be at my best all shift. In all honesty PepPod makes my job easier because my team is easier to manage; they’re happier, they feel better and have an appropriate amount of energy to the job.
-Annabelle F., Restaurant Manager, CO

HELP!! We need 8 more cases of PepPod please MY STAFF LOVES THIS STUFF!!
-Kevin D., Restaurant Owner, CO

PepPod tastes great with the perfect amount of energy and it just makes me feel better. I have better interactions with guests because of it.
-Will D., Restaurant Manager, CO

PepPod is an excellent alternative to high sugar sports drinks that leave athletes feeling flat. Table Tennis requires both proper hydration and nutrition along with sustained energy and focus for long days of practice or play, PepPod provides this. Along with fact that you can avoid lugging expensive cases of sports drinks and fruit around training halls or tournament sites makes PepPod the perfect choice for all Table Tennis players. I both use PepPod and highly recommend it to my athletes.
-Richard M., Athlete & Coach, CO

I got hooked on PepPod for its post-indulgence restorative qualities, leading me to believe that it is a cost-effective method of getting the necessary nutrients to survive my overloaded life, socially and physically.
- Katie C., Nightlife Enthusiast, CO

I started taking vitamin B12 to help with stress levels, as well as recovery tools for my nervous system. In the past few weeks I have introduced PepPod into my routine, replaced my coffee with it, as well as my daily B12 vitamin. It tastes great and is a great alternative to coffee if I am on the go. It helps the digestive system the same way as coffee, as well as keeps you alert with no crash. This product is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.
-Jacob B., Athlete & Family Man, IN

Have been using this product as my afternoon pick me up. It has 0 crash affect and not the chemicals of soda. I am a soda drinker, and this product has helped me reduce my cravings.
-Caylan H., Athlete, OH

Day long table tennis tournaments are grueling events, and PepPod keeps me focused and going strong all day long. It starts my day off right, then gives me an extra boost to power through tough situations. I don’t play a tournament without it. I am #poweredbyPepPod.
-Kevin K., Athlete & Trainer, CO

I’m a better mother when I use PepPod.
-Karla T., Mom, CO

I was huge on energy drinks, like Monster, Redbull, and Rockstar. I always felt jittery and then would crash/ PepPod energizes me better than those drinks and there is no crash. I enjoy the taste which I was initially worried about. My body also feels healthier and this helps improve my mood.
-Sarah S., Athlete, Washington D.C.

I absolutely love how PepPod makes me feel. I usually get jittery from other supplements or caffeine products, but I believe PepPod has the perfect combination of ingredients to give me a 'natural feeling' boost... It's also a great training aid to help me stay alert and keep focused no matter what I'm doing. And the best part about the pods are that they taste great! I am beyond stoked to be representing such a great product that has an awesome team behind it. if you haven't tried PepPod yet, then you are definitely missing out!
-Joe C., Professional Athlete, DE

I'm very particular about pre-workouts or supplements that claim they will give you an energy boost. The last thing I want is to feel shaky/jittery. PepPod is a nifty little pre-workout supplement that I like to take before training. It's a small tablet that you put in water and it dissolves into a drink that tastes great and gives me the mental focus and drive I need for a long training session. I find myself dialed in for my workouts and not as easily exhausted after I take a PepPod. I've never felt any negative side effects or a crash after taking a PepPod. I love this product and you'll definitely see me with some Pods in my workout bag for training! And in case I didn't provide enough emphasis, this product actually tastes great. I know there are a lot of energy drinks out there that taste awful. I've definitely enjoyed the taste of my PepPods!
-Bill B., Athlete, IN

PepPod tastes great, is easy to drink, and helps me recover after runs. I use it regularly and recommend it to all of my clients.
-Meghan R., Athlete & Coach, WA

PepPod has been an awesome addition to my quiver. I drink it early in the morning before a long day touring in the backcountry. It keeps my legs moving and my mind focused for hours.
- Brant M., Professional Skier & Guide, CO

"PepPod is a convenient way to boost my energy and the amount of vitamins and minerals I take, especially when traveling. The lightweight, individually wrapped tablets make it easy to use on trail and high up in the mountains."
-Laurie N., Instructor & Athlete, CO

After a long day sitting at my desk I pop a PepPod 30 minutes before heading out to CrossFit. It wakes me up and gets me through my workout!
- Julie K., Nonprofit Professional, CO

I work on the trading floor and PepPod has become a necessary part of my day, every day.
-Kirk T., Wall Street Professional, NYC

I specifically like PepPod for the additional boost it gives me to get through a long day of client meetings and closings. I also love the nutritional vitamins and minerals it provides -- it differentiates itself competitively when compared to other energy products in this way.
- Eric P., Bank Executive, CA

PepPod is a unique offering. It is a superior alternative to Rockstar, Monster, and RedBull. Those are too carbonated, too sweet, with too strong a flavor profile. PepPod has a better taste, is far cheaper, and much more convenient. You can create any flavor you like because it can be mixed in a beverage of your preference. I mix mine with black tea usually in the afternoons, after lunch. On Tuesday nights I use it when drumming with my band for extra energy during a live set.
-Randy Dilkes, Store Manager & Musician, CO
PepPod is one of the greatest alternatives to energy drinks containing high fructose corn syrup. I use weekly to help me study after a long day at work. It’s best described as “useable energy.” It picks me up smoothly, with no shakiness or that horrible jittery feeling. It’s portable, stash-able, perfectly suited for on the spot use, when I need it- whether studying or working.
-Hanna C., College Student, CO

I like the vitamin complex, it is a healthy alternative to super sweet energy drinks. My boyfriend uses it when he takes me out for happy hour, after working all day. He loves the flavor, and uses it consistently on the farm where he works. I usually mix a pod around ten or eleven in the morning, and it gives me what I need for a long shift at work.
-Rachel G., Retail Supervisor, CO

We have been proud partners with McGuckin’s Hardware since 2013. Renowned for their commitment to personalized service, selection, and first hand experience, McGuckin’s has helped many brands find national success, and enthusiastically carries PepPod. PepPod found an amazing home at McGuckin’s, sought after by staff and customers comprising the Boulder community.
-McGuckin’s Hardware, CO

I wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your company. I’ve been a long time buyer of your products and can’t imagine buying anything else. You’re doing great work, it’s appreciated in our house, and I wanted to say thanks.
-Olivia R., Professional & Mother, NY

As a physical therapist, I often recommend products to improve physical performance and enhance rehab potential. PepPod gives you that extra kick without the jitters and the harmful ingredients like most energy drinks! It tastes great also!
-Jeff H., Sports Medicine Physical Therapist, CO