Victor Loo alias Victoria Victor
Victor Loo, alias Victoria Victor, is an androgynous/genderless model, advocate, artiste, fashionista, published author, performer, and socialite. Originally from Singapore, he took a risk, came to an unfamiliar land to the United States with almost nothing but a backpack. Always a risk taker, he is one who is not afraid to push the social envelopes when it comes to advocacy. An individual who lives by 3 Ds – Dedication, Devotion, and Determination – he is always a vibrant person, and a vegetarian who believes in sustainability and wellness. As an artiste/model, he continues to be on the runway, and be featured on magazines' covers, and multiple editorial/fashion magazines, and is also the face for different designers who he endorses. 

“Fashion, makeup, and hairstyles are shifting year by year. However, every positive change in yourself or society is always fashionable.”