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Clean, refreshing, citrus-flavored tablets

PepPod is a healthy, natural energy tablet with 10X more nutrients than its closest competitors. Each pod gives you the energy you need, the way your body was meant to receive it without the crash of coffee or unhealthy energy drinks. Whether you’re tackling a marathon, cramming for a midterm, chasing the kids, fighting jet-lag, or just recovering from a night out, PepPod is a deeply hydrating energy source, immunity booster, and one-stop vitamin supplement – all in a portable effervescent tablet.

Each tube of PepPod contains ten (10) non-GMO, sugar-free, vegetarian, gluten-free pods

PepPod Citrus Nutrition Info


"PepPod is literally the most sought after commodity at our Brewery. Why? Because it works!"

-James A., Brewer, CO
"I’m a better mother when I use PepPod."

-Karla T., Mom, CO
"Have been using this product as my afternoon pick me up. It has 0 crash affect and not the chemicals of soda. I am a soda drinker, and this product has helped me reduce my cravings."

-Caylan H., Athlete, OH

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